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1.Investigation Officers(214post)
Direct Entarants(From Colleges/Universities)
Applicants should posses thre yeas advanced diploma or undergraduate degree from recognized higher learning institutions in anya of the following fields:Quantity Survey,Accountancy,Human Resources Management,Law,Procurement,Journalism,Information Technology,Highway Engineering,Building Constructions,Electrical Engineering,Lamd management and Evaluation and Forensic Knowledge
Required Qualification:
-All applicants must be citizens of Tanzania not above 35 years old
-Applicants should have a minimum pass of lower second class
-Applicants must attach their detailed relevant certified copies of academic certificates:
    -Degree/Advanced Diploma Transcript and certificates
    -Form four and form six National Examination certificates
    -Standard seven completion certificate
    -Professional certificates from respective boards(added advantage)
    -One recent passport size picture and birth certificate
    -Postgraduate Degree Transcripts and certicates(added advantage)

-Applicant should have good working knowledge of ICT(with related software,phone,fax,email,the internet and computer application eg MS Office)
-Applicants in th law field must have postgraduate diploma in legal practice(Law School oof Tanzania graduate) or passed the Bar exam and enrolled in the role of advocates.
Applicants in the Information Technology field must posses the following qualifications:
-Bachelor of science(BSc) in computer science/computer engineering/Electronics/Information Technology
-Certificate in A+ or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist(MCTS) is an added advantage
-Data mining

2.0 Assistant Investigators(180 posts)
2.1 Personal Secretaries(8 Posts)
-Applicants should posses Secondary School Certificates with passess in English and Kiswhili
-Diploma in Secretarial studies
-Short Hand 80 Wpm
-Computer literacy at least windows,microsoft office, internet,e-mail,microsoft publisher
Duties and Responsibilities:
-Performs Secretarial and Office management duties
-Keep custody of records,files,register and computer,e-mail,massages and ensure ther are properly channeled to respective destination
-Assist in coordinating secretarial function with other depatments
-Deal with all appointment Schedules for relevant officers
-Perform any other duties as may be assigned

2.2 Assistant Acountant(10 post)
-Applicants should posses secondary school certificate with pass in english and kiswahili
-Applicants should also posses certicate in Accounting Technician 2(ATEC 2-NBAA) or Diploma in accountancy from recognized Institute
Duties and Responsibilities
-To issue cheque and prepare cheque book returns
-To prepare Unused Recipts Returns
-To maintain petty cash
-To prepare monthly statements or outstanding imprest
-To prepare imprest payment vouchers
-To prepare imprest journal vouchers
-To ensure all filing is done in timely and accurate manner

2.3 Watchmen(95 Posts)
-Applicants should have completed form four or six and undergone voluntary Natinal Service Training
-Training in security guard duties,local military and fire fighting techniques is an added advantage
Duties and Responsibilities:
-To patrol arround the premises and buildings during the night according to the laid down procedure
-To secure security for buliding and other PCCB properties
-To check all gate passes at the main gate to ascertain that vehicles and other Properties,going out of the premises of the PCCB are authorized as shown in the gate pass and that the gate passes are authentic
-To check all visitors,vehicles and property coming into the premises of the PCCB through the main gate whether it is legitimate in relation to accompanying documentation
-To ensure that hazardous materials are not smuggled into premises
-To write a duty reports and Submit them to higher authorities
-To carry out any other tasks related to the above mentionedand functions of the PCCB that she/he may be assigned by the Head of Administration
-Any other duties that may be assigned by his/her superior

2.4 Drivers(25 Posts)
-Form four or six leavers with a class C driving Licence(more than three year driving experience)
-Applicants should also posses Certificate of Competence from the National Institute of Transport(NIT) Dar es salaam or Institute of Technology(DIT) or Vocatinal Education Training Authority(VETA)
Duties and Responsibilities:
-To manage and drive vehicles they are assigned in accordance with traffic regulations:
-To inspect the vehicle before and after a journey to ensure that it is in good condition
-To fill in the Log Books and ensure that the vehicle is used for authorized purpose only
-To advise the Bureau on repair and maintenance of the vehicle

2.5 Office Attendants(38 posts)
-Applicants should have completed and passed form four or form six.
-Certificate or diploma in Record management,front office hospitality,customercare and other related fields is added advantage
Duties and Responsibilities:
-To clean the premises and buildings of the bureau
-Take massages and mail from one place to another within the premises or outside
-The office attendant is responsible to the office suprvisor and responsible fro taking proper custody of property of the bureau
-Swicth off all rights,air conditions,fans and any other electrical equipment that ought to cease operating after working hours

2.6 Technicians(4 Post)
-Possesion of a Secondary School Education Certificate
-Possesion of a FTC or Ordinary Diploma in a related field
Duties and Responsibilities:
-Undertake minor works repair and other facilities
-Conducting regular inspection of the working tolls and facilities
-Determining maintenance and repirs required(fax machine,photocopy,printers,electricity,air conditins,water and sewage system)
Basic attributes for above positions:
-Self Motivated
-Role Model
-Integrity and Profesional Ethics
-Strong Intepersonal Skills
According to the government Circular
Mode of application:
-Interested candidates should send their applications enclosingtheir current CV's,copies of relevant academic certificates,having reliable physical address,posta address,email,telephone numbers,certified photocopies of birth certificate and recent passport size photograph
-Applicatants must submit three names of reliable referees
-Indicate in an envelope clearly a post you are applying for marked as "Application for the post of...."(insert post) and send your application letter to the following address:
The Director General,
Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau, 4865
Dar es salaam
Deadline of application:21st October,2013

Source:Dailynews 30th September,201


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